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Over the past years,

I have helped to design and build great products, processes, services, and teams for companies and individuals. I helped them to win customers by solving complex user experience problems, from improving sales communications to designing customer onboarding. I do all these by considering moments of engagement, or touch-points between people and brands, and the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments create. In the process, I create culturally relevant solutions, with a focus on the quality of user experience and automate the boring stuff.

I am currently the Lead Developer of - an international environmental organization that focuses on addressing climate change issues and promoting sustainable solutions by engaging and empowering individuals, communities, and decision-makers to take meaningful action on climate change. I am responsible for leading a team of software engineers in the development and maintenance of the organization's engineering infrastructure to achieve its mission of building a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Before that, in 2017, I worked full-time with the African Women in Leadership Organisation - an international not-for-profit committed to changing the narrative of leadership in Africa, where I spent my time developing innovative products, managing the technical strategy, maximizing efficiency, and coordinating the various teams, operations, and individuals - in a stint that lasted until November 2020. Thereafter I worked as the Consultant Chief Technology Officer of the Nyuma Harrison Foundation (NHF) - a Zambian Not-for-profit focused on making healthcare accessible to children in underserved communities in Zambia.


  • designed and implemented a robust technology infrastructure that overhauled the organization's image and earned it strategic UN Partnerships.
  • designed and implemented a DevOps culture throughout the organization.
  • created value across the organization's strategic business units across 12 countries through the facilitation of innovative technology solutions to power processes and drive digital campaigns.
  • initiated a technology internship program with resulting internal and external career placements for the candidates.
  • designed and created a fully automated Volunteers Management and onboarding system for the AWLC held in 10 countries.

I have stayed true to my creative inclinations by actively contributing to Open Source projects - something I'm passionate about - and working on personal projects. I also supports causes that bring access to justice and social good for communities by volunteering my time and skills at fledgling and established not-for-profits like Hope Behind Bars Africa - where I built the "Connect Lawyer" app to help indigent prison inmates find legal representation by connecting them with experienced and qualified pro bono lawyers.

I am a realist with a leaning towards optimism. I am a big believer in Midwestern work ethic. I choose books over movies 9 times out of 10 and try to find time to write and blog about productivity hacks, automation, and business.

I am passionate about technology, engineering, design, and education.

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